10 Cancer Warning Signs in your Pet


Cancer is the leading cause of death in cats and dogs.  Early detection and treatment can increase their chance for survival.  Ten possible warning signs include:

  1. Lumps and Bumps - Not every lump is cancerous.  It  you notice a lump consult with your veterinarian.  Monitor it for changes in size and color, you and your veterinarian can determine if a biopsy should be preformed.
  2. Abnormal Odors - Certain cancers, such as mouth, nose, and colon can produce foul and unusual odors.
  3. Abnormal Discharges - Blood, pus,and prolonged vomit or diarrhea need to be check out by your veterinarian.
  4. Wounds that don't Heal - Any wound that will not heal may indicate an infection, skin disease or cancer.
  5. Sudden Weight Loss - Unexplained and sudden weight loss can indicate trouble.
  6. Change in Appetite - There is always a reason your pet stops eating.  Don't wait to long to have them check out.  A decreased appetite can mean an oral tumor.
  7. Coughing or difficulty Breathing - Often this is a symptom of heart and lung disease, but can point to lung cancer.
  8. Lethargy and Depression - Many pets with cancer develop depression, sleep more and become less active.
  9. Changes in Bathroom Habits - Frequent bathroom use, difficulty urinating, or blood in the excrement / urine are all warning signs.
  10. Evidence of Pain - Limping or crying in pain when touched are evidence of pain and could be a sign of bone cancer.

Don't panic is your pet demonstrates and of theses signs.  Always consult with your veterinarian when there is a change in behavior or injury.  You know your pet best and can tell when they are not themselves. The key is not to wait to long when you notice a change, before you have the treated.


Unknown said...

Being cranky all of a sudden can also be a sign of illness. A dog that is usually good natured that suddenly gets snappy should go see a vet ASAP.