Meet BamBam


BamBam has been apart of my  life (Trina) since 1992, that's right 20 years.  He is still as feisty as ever.  He is a colorful conure who knows how to get your attention by laughing, coughing, screaming and barking.  His favorite toy is a cardboard box.  During his young years he loved to swim and on many occasions would float around the pool with me.

After Jason became part of the family, BamBam's devotion has shifted slightly.  Oh, yes BamBam loves Jason, even to the point where he will regurgitate food for him.

Here at Doggie Cakes, BamBam has become the security guard.  Nothing gets past him and he makes sure the whole house is alerted.  "What some one just stole a doggie treat, and didn't share? GET HIM!"