Just in case you Forgot - June is Adopt a Cat Month


Things to consider before you adopt a cat
  • Cats need to be fed once to twice a day, more often in the case of kittens, and need a constant supply of fresh water.

  • A responsible pet parent should spend at least one hour per day giving direct attention to his or her cat. This may include training, exercising, grooming, and playing or may just be lap time on the couch.

  • A cat with an abundance of energy needs more time to exercise and interactive toys to keep them entertained.

  • Cats with long coats need 20 minutes a day of grooming to prevent matting.

  • Cats with certain medical conditions may need additional attention, including specifically timed injections in the case of diabetic animals.

  • Remember that adopted cats may need additional bonding and reassurance time in the early weeks.