International Give your Cat a Bath Day - May 17th

In keeping with yesterday's guest blogger's topic of cats, today is a day to remember how important is to properly groom your cats, Internationa Give your Cat a Bath Day.

Every cat owner needs some basic grooming supplies. A metal comb, sturdy stainless-steel combs with wide-set, round teeth are widely available. A brush with bristles that look like dozens of tiny bent nails. They resemble the rasps on a cat's tongue and serve the same purpose in grooming. Most cats enjoy the sensation of the brushing unless, of course, you hit a tangle or mat. 

Grooming Brush
You may also want to invest in a flea comb, particularly if you let your cat outdoors or live in a year-round flea climate (like southern Florida or Louisiana).

I know it sounds crazy to bathe a cat, but they benefit from it, when they are so dirty that they cannot clean themselves, when they have a substance on their fur that it would not be healthy for them to lick off or when there is a medical reason for a bath. 

Usually a cat bath is a two person job, one to help restrain and one to bathe. Before the actual bath, brush your cat all over to remove any tangles from his coat. Run some warm water into the tub or sink, lay in the towel. The towel is for the cat to grip its claws into, instead of you. Gently place your cat in the water, be sure to keep a secure grip on him! 

Use a gentle shampoo made just for cats. Thoroughly rinse out the shampoo, any left behind could irritate your cat's skin. Wrap your cat in a towel rubbing will cause tangles, so just keep patting. Use a soft brush to smooth your cat's coat.

A strongly recommend getting your cat use to a grooming routine as soon can.  The younger you can have them be familiar and comfortable with you helping to groom them, the easier it will be for you.


Unknown said...

I think that cat is saying, "Just you wait, I will kill you in your sleep!" Can't imagine Mindy willingly taking a bath. I think mom's arms would look like swiss cheese.

Disney Girl said...

We had a cat who was very overweight, and could not clean her private areas (couldn't reach). If we did not clean her she would get urinary tract infections. She has since lost the weight and does find n her own. She still hated us bathing her, and always bit me.