Hello World - From Doggie Cakes

Wow, it's been a long time since our last blog entry. We have been just as busy online, but mostly at Facebook and Twitter. We also now have more products on our website than ever, usually adding at least one new product a day.

Doggie Cakes, on Main Street, in New Port Richey, FL shut it's doors in November 2009 to focus on online sales, events in local counties, wholesale orders out of state, and cake/cookie orders for rescue groups and local stores such as Paw Wash Plus in Trinity and The Hound's Meow in Lutz.

So many new products were developed in the last few months, with many finding their debut at the Sweetheart Waddle in February. The cookie featured in the photo to the left is a "fortune cookie." $5.99 on our website for 12 cookies. Unbleached Flour, Pumpkin Puree, Eggs, Turkey Bacon, and Baking Powder. As you can see, we're still using the same human-grade ingredients, no sugar, no salt, and only items that are safe for dogs. If a recipe calls for peanut butter or apple sauce, we make that too. The peanut butter comes from raw, unsalted peanuts that we shuck and grind ourselves with peanut oil. The apple sauce is made from freshly peeled apples and water in our crock pot.

There will be more entries, this is also a test of the system as Blogger changed some functionality in May. Talk to you soon. Find us on Facebook. http://www.Facebook.com/DoggieCakes