Frozen Dog Treats Created by Doggie Cakes - New Port Richey, FL

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique in New Port Richey, Florida introduced a new line of frozen treats for dogs during today's Greater New Port Richey Main Street Strawberry Stroll. Cosmo's Chillers bear the name and lovable mug of our mini-pin Cosmo, and currently come in four flavors and in an eight ounce size. Click to view larger labels.

In honor of today's occasion, Strawberry is of course an inaugural flavor. Blueberry, Banana, and Peanut Butter are also available to pampered pets.

All Doggie Cakes products are made fresh in our store's kitchen. The ingredients are simply low fat all natural yogurt, sour cream, honey, water, and the fruit or peanut butter that makes each unique.

We purchased a freezer for our sales floor to house this newly developed Doggie Cakes line, and to prepare for something completely new to New Port Richey - frozen, organic, raw dog food meals by Primal Pet Foods, Inc. We will also have their frozen buffalo and beef bones with marrow intact. Products by Primal are expected during the week of March 23rd.