Doggie Cakes Listed as a Shopping Destination in Air Trans Airways Inflight Magazine - Go

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique in New Port Richey, Florida is listed as a shopping destination in the February 2009 - Air Trans Airways Inflight Magazine - GO. There are only four listings total for Tampa, and we made it! We would not have known, but a current customer mentioned it to us today. There is an archive of the magazine online, and we are on page 140.

According to the publisher, Ink Publishing, there are 100,000 copies printed each month, and a potential readership of over two million people. For reference, I looked up the prices for ads. $15,835 for a full page and $5,480 for a quarter page. In this recession, we are thrilled to have received the honor of a mench. Is this the result of our Golden Globes presence? Unknown, but what a nice surprise. Thank you Susan Barnes for writing us into the Tampa shopping section. See text below.

(5644 Main St, New Port Richey. Tel. 727-845-1200) You may be on vacation, but don't forget your four-legged friends: Stop by Doggie Cakes for high-quality homemade treats to take home. Dog-approved favorites include Bow Wownies (made with carob) and the ever popular Cinnamunchies.


Gina said...

That's great! I'm so happy that you all are doing so well!

I'm probably moving to St. Pete's in the next few years, so I'll have to come visit!

Anonymous said...

WE ARE THRILLED!!!! We are marketing our downtown at a tradeshow in Tampa in May specifically geared to Day-Cations!We will send this to our member merchants in the downtown who we know will be thrilled for you as well! Way to Go!