SPCA Suncoast - Urges Reduced Apartment Pet Policy Restrictions

The SPCA Suncoast was on Fox 13 News today, along with Tattoo the dachshund and his story. Presented was a huge problem of home foreclosure and pet restrictions in apartment complexes. Martha Murry, Director of the SPCA Suncoast and Devlynn Saunders, Operations Manager are on a mission to lobby the owners of apartments and corporate managment companies to ease restrictions on their pet policies. Families are trying to keep their dog and cat family members until the last possible moment, but many are forced to leave their pets in local shelters.
Saunders is leading the effort to convince more apartment complex companies to accept pets that may otherwise end up in a shelter. She urges pet owners to have a “pet Resume.”It would include such things as medical records and obedience courses.
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Ways that you can help the SPCA Suncoast All Year Round:

Adopt a pet or share the listings with others - (Click here)
Make a donation of needed items or contribution - (Click here)
Volunteer - Visit their MySpace page for details - (Click here)
Help stop the problem of unwanted pets & strays by spaying & neutering your animals.

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Marilyn said...

Part of getting reduced restrictions is being a responsible pet owner when you have the opportunity. Just a few dog owners can ruin the option for everyone.

Please consider these guidelines when you DO have pet-friendly housing.

--- Adhere to the rules of the housing
--- Clean up after your pet
--- Don't let it bark and bark
--- Keep your pet on a leash
--- Have references that you are a responsible pet owner
--- If your pet causes damage, admit it and offer to repair it at your expense
--- Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise
--- Keep certificates that prove your dog has had training
--- Keep proof of up to date vaccinations

Marilyn Wolf, BS, CPDT
New Port Richey, FL
Pet Trainer & Behavior Consultant

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide the difference you want to make. --- Jane Goodall