My First Dog - Early 1970's Family Film Recovered

We had an old family film digitized and posted it onto our YouTube site. It's from the early 1970's in West Milford, NJ and has footage of me (Trina Messano) and my first dog Tuffy - a Collie. You can also see my Dad, Alfonso Messano and his garden. My brother Dominick Messano (with the dark hair) is playing with his friend Joey. We had not seen this short movie in over 30 years - but it is now preserved.

Tuffy was a great dog - looked just like Lassie. She lived to be a ripe age of sixteen. Our next dog, Bradley, a mutt - probably with some Labrador in him, was also very loved. Bradley stayed in New Jersey when we my parent's moved to Florida in 1991. In 1992 I got my toy Poodle, Pebbles, who lived to be almost sixteen also.

We currently live with three dogs, Luna, Cosmo, and Gigi Nibbler - oh and the five cats and one bird. Still building memories - while baking dog treats.