My First Dog - Early 1970's Family Film Recovered

We had an old family film digitized and posted it onto our YouTube site. It's from the early 1970's in West Milford, NJ and has footage of me (Trina Messano) and my first dog Tuffy - a Collie. You can also see my Dad, Alfonso Messano and his garden. My brother Dominick Messano (with the dark hair) is playing with his friend Joey. We had not seen this short movie in over 30 years - but it is now preserved.

Tuffy was a great dog - looked just like Lassie. She lived to be a ripe age of sixteen. Our next dog, Bradley, a mutt - probably with some Labrador in him, was also very loved. Bradley stayed in New Jersey when we my parent's moved to Florida in 1991. In 1992 I got my toy Poodle, Pebbles, who lived to be almost sixteen also.

We currently live with three dogs, Luna, Cosmo, and Gigi Nibbler - oh and the five cats and one bird. Still building memories - while baking dog treats.

Doggie Cakes - Account - Launched

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique just got the hang of its new account, available at It's a new and quick way to know what we're up to.

Check it out and follow us deeper into web 2.0.

Doggie Cakes Logo - Officially Ours

Today we received, via snail mail, our Certificate of Registration for our logo for Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique in New Port Richey, FL. The process took a little over six months, but we are now the principal register of the mark - Registration Number: 3549735. This means that the logo will now get upgraded from to ® on the web and in print. It was just nice to get a reminder that things are falling into place.

Doggles - Eyewear for Dogs - Available at Doggie Cakes

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique now sells Doggles, both on the website and in the store. They are UV protection eyewear made just for dogs, and are available in 11 frame colors. They are modeled after sports goggles. Doggles will fit dogs 3 pounds to 250 pounds. All models have flexible, snug-fitting frames, which have foam padding against the face; polycarbonate (shatterproof) and anti-fog lenses; and adjustable elastic head and chin straps to keep the Doggles securely on the dog. Doggles feature patented wide nose bridge, deep lens cup, interchangeable lenses. Dogs have a much wider nose bridge than humans, along with protruding eyes. You need a goggle designed specifically to fit a dog's unique face structure.

They are worn the world over by military, police, search and rescue, and other working dogs for true eye protection. Doggles are recommended by veterinarians, and are also for the fashion minded.

Read My Paws Items Available at

Doggie Cakes Dog Bakery and Boutique is proud to offer the products of local vendor and friends Read My Paws, LLC, on its website. All Read My Paws dog shirts are original designs and made in the U.S.A. Read My Paws also partners with dog shelters and rescue organizations to promote the clothing and donates a portion of the proceeds to them. Read My Paws is owned by Patricia Patterson. Baarney, the Bedlington Terrier, is the official Spokesdog and can be contacted at or through his blog. His sister, Tabaatha can be seen here wearing the Watch Them Pant t-shirt. For more information about their company, visit or call 866-934-5320.

In following the model set by Read My Paws, we will donate $5 to the SPCA Suncoast for each of the four shirts sold from this special collection. This group of doggie and human apparel features 100% organic cotton with fun "green messages" such as "Recycle. Adopt a Dog".

Dog Edible Gingerbread Dog House - SPCA Suncoast Raffle Item

This dog edible gingerbread dog house will be raffled off with other items for SPCA Suncoast donations on Saturday, December 20, 2008 - as a part of the Pet Photos With Santa Event. Trina Messano, Co-Owner of Doggie Cakes built the house using human grade and dog-safe ingredients.

Ingredients: Ground ginger, whole wheat flour, cinnamon, water, molasses, carob, and yogurt with all natural food dyes.

The roof is composed of Cheddar Chomps - Small, which are cookies that we also bake in the store. The ingredients in those are: Whole wheat flour, cheddar cheese, yeast, low-fat milk.

More photos of the gingerbread dog house

Suncoast News Article Features Upcoming Pet Photos with Santa

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique's upcoming Pet Photos with Santa event for the SPCA Suncoast, was featured in The Suncoast News, produced by The Tampa Tribune. Thank you Scott Smith, for creating this great news story and helping to get the word out.

It turned out great, because it also includes our friends Read My Paws, a company from Holiday that designs and manufactures a full line of customized doggie and people clothing. Also mentioned were Pasco Camera Exchange, who will donate the use of some photo lights for the event.

Click here to read the article.

Doggie Cakes Upcoming Event - in St. Petersburg Times Today!

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique's upcoming Pet Photos with Santa event for the SPCA Suncoast, was featured on the front page of, The Pasco Times section of the St. Petersburg Times today, with a photo and short blurb. Thank you Jodie Tillman, Staff Writer and Editor, Bridget Hall Grumet, for inclusion of this charitable event.

The blurb is not online, but here is the content.
Rex! No drooling! - Besides its usual goodies, Doggie Cakes will have a special treat Dec. 20: Santa Claus will be available 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for photos with pets and a dog-edible gingerbread dog house will be raffled off. Proceeds go to SPCA Suncoast pet shelter. Doggie Cakes is at 5644 Main St., New Port Richey; (727) 845-1200. For info visit
Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique

Doggie Cakes - Press Release on Upcoming Santa Photo Event

In preparation for the Pet Photos with Santa Event, Doggie Cakes, submitted a press release to the St. Petersburg Times and The Suncoast News. If you are interested in viewing the release or in including it up for distribution, click the following link.

Press Release - Doggie Cakes to Host Pet Pictures with Santa for SPCA Suncoast

Excerpt: "Santa Claus is coming to Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique in New Port Richey, Florida for photos with your pet on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 from 11 am - 2 pm. All friendly cats, dogs, or other animals are welcome. Donated proceeds, including those from the raffle of a dog edible gingerbread dog house and other items, will go to the SPCA Suncoast who will be taking the photos and working with the pets."

Minnie Meows Finds a Home for the Holidays

Last night at the Festival of Lights open house event at the SPCA Suncoast, we adopted Midnight - a one year old female, black cat who needed a home. She is very sweet and we named her Minnie Meows. She is fitting in well for the first day - even with her new brothers and sisters (4 cats and 3 dogs).

This facility been saving animal lives and finding homes since 1964 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. A full list of ways that you can help, donate, or adopt are listed below.

Also note that Santa Claus is coming to Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique in New Port Richey, Florida for photos with your pet on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 from 11 am - 2 pm. Donated proceeds go to the SPCA Suncoast. (Full Details)

Ways that you can help the SPCA Suncoast All Year Round:

Adopt a pet or share the listings with others - (Click here)
Make a donation of needed items or contribution - (Click here)
Volunteer - Visit their MySpace page for details - (Click here)
Help stop the problem of unwanted pets & strays by spaying & neutering your animals.

SPCA Suncoast
7734 Congress Street (Google Map)
New Port Richey, FL 34653
Phone: 727-849-1048
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday - 12 pm - 6 pm

1000 MySpace Friends for Doggie Cakes

Doggie Cakes Dog Bakery and Boutique made our one thousandth friend on this week. This was just in time to let them know about Pet Photos With Santa in the store on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 - 11 am - 2 pm. All donations are in support of SPCA Suncoast, and the fine work they do.

Want to be friend 1,001? It's a great way for us to communicate about in-store events, yappy hours, and things that will make your dog's tail wag.