Gigi Nibbler and Luna of Doggie Cakes have DoggySpace Pages

Cosmo made eleven doggie friends in just a few hours on Doggie Space. Three more friends than he is old.

We let Gigi Nibbler and Luna create accounts today too. I'm actually having a hard time not writing this blog from a dog's perspective, it's kind of addictive. Check out their pages with the link's below. We have been carrying on rapid conversations with other dogs tonight. Many of them are from the Doggie Cakes neighborhood, in New Port Richey. I feel a few meet-ups coming along. Woof Woof.

Cosmo Gigi Nibbler Luna

Read an excerpt from Cosmo's Doggie Space journal.

"Daddy wanted to buy me some little blue socks today because my feet get hot on the sidewalks. I always soak them in my water bowl after a walk. Mommie would not let him buy them because she thought I would not wear them.. I think she would not let me have them, because she did not want to be seen with me wearing them."