Doggie Cakes Visited by Owners of The Turtle's Nest - Coastal Decor and Gifts

Doggie Cakes - Dog Bakery and Boutique had a visit in late June by Angie and Paul Jones, proprietors of The Turtle's Nest - Coastal Decor and Gifts. Their store was in the same location as the current Doggie Cakes for many years and is currently at 10720 SR 54, Suite 102 - Trinity Village - Trinity, FL 34655. (The Turtle's Nest - Google Map)

The turtle mural that made their store easy to find is still located outside of doggie cakes. Someday the mural may go to the dogs, but for now the turtle's are still swimming.

We wish The Turtle's Nest the best, down in Trinity Village. Their new location is lovely and and has room for all of their nice gift items and home decor products that they are famous for. Stop by and tell 'em that Doggie Cakes sent you.