Doggie Cakes was on Tampa Bay's 10 News!

June 4, 2008 - Doggie Cakes - Bakery and Boutique was on Tampa Bay's 10 News! The video aired in the 4:00 pm hour and featured Trina and group of dog customers and their owners.

We got the surprise call the day before from reporter Katheryn Bursch, that she planned to come out around 10:30 am. Her intention was to meet and interview some dogs and customers. Trina made some excited, but frantic calls to some loyal and willing customers and pooches who were willing to be on camera.

Ms. Bursch and cameraman Dennis Hollingsworth were very nice and really had a handle getting the best shots and in asking great questions. The interviews and filming took about two hours and captured everything from customer testimonials, an interview with Trina, shots of the bakery case and store, and all aspects of baking and customer shopping.

The story was present on their website from early in the morning, and we watched as it gradually changed to almost narrate the video.

We felt a bit misty to hear the nice things that our customers had to say about our treats. We really appreciate the news team that discovered the store, covered the story on site, and who put this all together for television and the web. A special than you must go out to those who were taped for the segment: Julie Leonard and Dixie, Lorraine Blackwood and Velvet, and Peter Caravette. Dan Leonard and Teenie, Filipa and Jay, and Rob Isselbaecher of were also filmed or ready for their cameo.

We had not launched our press release yet, and had only been open 28 days before we made the television news! We are still excited and happy. Within a half-hour of airing, a customer rushed in with much enthusiasm as they didn't know we were in town and missed having a place to buy fresh dog cookies locally. By Saturday, we had another guest who mentioned the news segment, this time all the way from Clearwater.

Photos of the filming, including all of the behind-the-scenes and deleted shots are included on a Picassa gallery.